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Check Availability!

Open DAILY from Monday to Saturday

11 am and 4 pm (2 groups daily!)

Three persons needed for the Activity . COMPLETE=No space available

AVAILABLE = Needs Confirmation CONFIRMED = Will be done, still spaces open

MENU is selected by FIRST registrant. Last minute (same day) booking needs to be done by telephone: +51 959556443.

Check Availability!

AVAILABLE = Activity is programmed. You can select Menu. 11 am and pm.

OPEN = Somebody registered. Menu is selected. There is still space for you.

CONFIRMED We have 3 or + registrants. Menu is selected. The cooking WILL take place.

CLOSED = No more space in the Group. Select another Group. Sorry.

If AVAILABLE or OPEN, you will receive a CONFIRMATION MESSAGE at least 4 Hours in advance to RATIFY the cooking will be done for that selected group.