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A visit to the local market!

We will not be doing this tour in September and October 2018. But we strongly recommend you to visit San Camilo Market.The market itself is very attractive and has a bit of everything. A complete expression of the local culture, how they live, what they produce and what they eat. Guide will explain you about how it is organized and its main areas of interest. We will stop by stands looking for our main ingredients. But we will not miss the rural bread area, the fruits section (we will taste exotic ones!) cheese section and of course potato area where you can see about 300 or more different species of potatoes..

Happy PISCO lecture!

Anbody in Peru for two or more days have heard or tasted the famous Pisco Sour cokctail. Arequipa is a cornerstone in Pisco's evolution and we are an important producer After cooking and feasting peruvian food, a Pisco Sour matches perfectly. And better if during its preparation you have a lecture about Pisco, qualities and cultural facts. Book this extra activity and learn how to prepare one of the most famous Pisco cocktails: Pisco Sour. Certified Instructors and good quality Pisco included in the activity. Turn into a specialist in Pisco in 50 minutes! .

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