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Check our CALENDAR

Calendar informs You, whether the Morning or Afternoon activity is CONFIRMED for certain date, which menu will be prepared and if additional activities (Market Tour and Pisco Lecture) are available for that day. You can always call or whatsapp 959556443 for information.

How to read Calendar

BLANK. No registrants still but activity available if not Sunday. Book on line or give us a call and SELECT YOUR MENU!. Activity will be confirmed as soon as we get 3 or more registrants!
OPEN We need to complete three registrants to CONFIRM. Menu is selected. Book Now! Still Space!.
CONFIRMED . Means the activity will go at that time and there is still space for you. Remember, as Market and Pisco are booked separately, you need to check if they are also CONFIRMED or not. Menu is also published.
CLOSED. Sorry, the group is completed. You can ask for a second group which we will open if we have at least 3 participants. Remember, an afternoon schedule is available daily. Give us a CALL.

Price per participant is about $20.50 for the Cooking and $ 6 for Market or Pisco Activity. Cash payment please.

20% discount plus a Pisco Sour cocktail for FREE! if you book accommodation in Casa de Avila Garden Inn.

Need Information?

Market Tour


Before cooking. Amazing experience!

Pisco Lecture!


Excellent way to celebrate activity!

Peruvian Cooking Experience

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