Following National Sanitary regulations, the Cooking Activity will be temporarily closed to guests. Starting March 15th to March 30th. We are NOT receiving reservations for those dates.

Our on line reservation system is receiving bookings starting April 1st.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Extra activities!

The Pisco Lecture

Pisco is the National brandy in Peru. And Arequipa one of the main producing areas. Taste it, learn its diferent types, and prepare YOUR OWN Pisco Sour!. Its the perfect way to finish your Peruvian Cooking Experience. Includes Pisco tasting, preparation of ONE Pisco Sour and the recipe.

One cocktail
per person

Book with the Cooking or on arrival

18+. ID might be required

The Maret Tour

Visiting San Camilo Market is a MUST for any visitor. But we need the market to keep its escence: sell products. With so many tours visiting the place and NOT BUYING, the economy is being afected.

As a social responsible company we are not taking visitors just to take pictures. In change, we will give you precise directions for you to do your shopping anytime while you stay in Arequipa.

Buy some exotic fruits and supplies, take a delicious local breakfast with arthesanal breadearly morning. As more you spend money, as longer this market will last. Don't just take pictures. Support locals.

P.S. We buy most of our ingredients from the market.