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Lets get on Cooking Peruvian Food!

Once all registrants arrive to Casa de Avila Hotel (location of the Cooking), the group will be guided to the Cooking Area. An open kitchen located next to a beautiful Garden. Aprons and hats are distributed for you to dress properly (as a Chef!). The Instructor is a local cook who speaks Spanish and English. She will present the Menu and direct the group during the preparation process.Our priority is to motivate you to participate as much as possible. After food is ready, the group will sit and enjoy preparation sharing their travel and cooking experiences.

Price is about the same of a good meal in the city ($ 28 USD). Vegetarian and special needs variations available. If you are a Casa de Avila Guest, a 20% discount is applied! Check Casa de Avila Hotel and Rates

Open Kitchen next to a garden. Casa de Avila Hotel in Vallecito

Two groups available per day. Morning at 11 am and Afternoon at 3 pm

Three registrants for the group to open

Last minute registration (for the same day) only by phone +51 959556443

Step by Step description of the Cooking Activity click picture

Fun requires a special beginnig

Once the group gets to the courtyard, you will be asked to wash your hands and get into the open Kitchen area. Aprons and equipment are there waiting for you. Select a place, dress yourself with apron and hat. And you are ready!

Everybody participates!

This is not a class. Its an activity where everybody prepares together a Peruvian Menu. Everybody peels, cuts, do pre elaborations, and cook. You turn into a Peruvian Cook!

We guide you step by step

Our Instructors will guide you to prepare your own Peruvian recipe. Ingredients and equivalents are described. Feel free to ask and experiment. It s about expressing yourself.

Original Peruvian Cuisine

No cheffs, real Peruvians. We want to show you how Peruvian families prepare recipes. Showing you details and secrets, we share our heritage with you. It's a cultural souvenir for you

Great time to socialize

During this almost two hours, participants are motivated to share their travel and life experiences. And after a while, everybody is a great friend. No presure. The best food needs happiness and friendshipness.

Now lets ejoy it together

. Its a grupal satisfaction to have the food ready. Like in a family: The best time. Sitting and sharing prepared food with the rest of us. Exchanging impressions and tips. And of course enjoying the famous Peruvian flavours. Enjoy your meal!.


Pisco is the National brandy in Peru. And Arequipa one of the main producing areas. Taste it, learn its diferent types, and prepare YOUR OWN Pisco Sour!. Its the perfect way to finish your Peruvian Cooking Experience. Includes Pisco tasting, preparation of ONE Pisco Sour and the recipe.

One cocktail per person

Book with the Cooking or on arrival

18+ activity ID might be required


Visiting San Camilo Market is a MUST for any visitor. But we want the market to keep its escence: sell products. It is not a museum. With so many tours visiting the place and NOT BUYING, the economy is being afected. So we are not taking you there as a Tour anymore. As a social responsible company, we will help the market to subsist. You can plan your own visit and act as a local: spend some money. Enjoy taking a delicious breakfast with local arthesanal bread. Or buy your fruits and supplies. As more you buy, as better the economy of the market, as longer it will last. Cooperate with local economy. Don t just take pictures.

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