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Enjoy, share and Cook with US!

The Peruvian Cooking Experience offers an original activity. Its a life experience. Our Instructors drive you into the passion Peruvians feel when preparing our recipes. Which is our cultural escense. Its not a formal class. We belive the best ingredient is happiness and fun.

We Cook in an open kitchen, with vew to a garden, so no hassle of heat and smoke but great company of birds singing and flowers. Our priority is to motivate you to participate as much as possible. No cooking experience is needed. Just good vibes and open minded.

Price is about the same of a good meal in the city. And we have options for those with special food requirements. A discount price is avaliable for those taking +1 experience and also for Casa de Avila Guests.

We hope you will be able to repeat this experience with your beloveds back home. Thats the best reward we expect.

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A beautiful Location

Once arrived to Casa de Avila, you will meet the other participants and your Guide. The group will move to the beautiful garden of the Hotel. The cooking area is located there. Its a great backgroud for the activity.

Table is waiting for you

You will be asked to wash your hands and move after to the open Kitchen. Aprons and equipment is there waiting for you. Select a place, dress yourself with apron and hat. And you are ready!

Everybody participates on cooking

This is not a class. Its an activity where everybody prepare together a Peruvian Menu. Everybody peels, cuts, do pre elaborations, and cook. You turn into a Peruvian Cook!

We guide you step by step

Our Instructors will guide you to prepare your own Peruvian recipe. Ingredients and equivalents are described. Feel free to ask and experiment. It s about expressing yourself.

Original Peruvian Recipes

No cheffs, real Peruvians. We want to show you how Peruvian families prepare recipes. Showing you details and secrets. We share our heritage with you. It's a cultural souvenir for you

Great time to socialize

During this almost two hours, participants are motivated to share their travel and life experiences. And after a while, everybody is a great friend. No presure. The best food needs happiness and friendshipness.

We did it again!

Once the preparations are ready, everybody takes some time to take pictures and of course to ask for details of the recipe, which will be sent to your mail. Its a grupal satisfaction to have the food ready. Like in family

Now lets ejoy it together

The best time. Sitting and sharing our preparation with the rest of us. Exchanging impressions and tips. And of course enjoying the famous Peruvian flavours. Entrance, Main Course and a Dessert are included.

About our MENU

Our Calendar shows when a course is CONFIRMED and which MENU is available. OPENED, means you can be the first registering and you can select the Menu. An Entrance, A Main dish and a Dessert are included in each one. Every step is explained and practiced

Arequipenan Menu

The local Recipe Rocoto Relleno, a Soltero de Queso (Veggie and Cheese Salad)and ouf famous Quinoa dessert.

Traditional Menu

National famous recipes. The delicious CAUSA and the famous LOMO SALTADO (lots of fire!). Quinoa dessert inclucded.

Sea Menu

Learn how to prepare the PERUVIAN CEVICHE and our delicious Chorrillana Fish. A Quinoa dessert included too.

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About Market Tour

San Camilo Market is colapsing because too much tourists are visiting it in groups just to take pictures. Workers do not feel comfortable about this. In order to keep sustainable tourist, we encourage you to visit the market only if you are going to aquire productos like fruits, food, or souvenirs. We are not taking groups anymore. But we continue buying all our ingredients from the market. Help us keep San Camilo active aquiring your products there.