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A Cultural Souvenir

A Cultural Souvenir

In an Enchanted location

In an Enchanted location

No cooking experience needed

No cooking experience needed

Native original cooks

Native original cooks

Enjoy cooking with us in Arequipa

We invite you to participate in this two hours, "HANDS ON", fun, cooking activity in Arequipa, a city where cooking and eating are one of the most important activities in life!. Prepare your own Peruvian food, An authentic cultural souvenir to take back home and share with beloveds.

A great cultural Souvenir for you!

Jardin Central

Two Hours Hands On

You prepare recipes with our direction. It's really cooking your own peruvian recipe. Two hours of fun and action


Three Menu Options

Traditional, Andean and Sea Menu. One selected per group. Entrance, main dish and a desert included.


Great location

A beautiful courtyard is the frame of our activity. Meals are prepared and served there Unforgetable place.


Ideal to Socialize

Our guests interact intensively while cooking. Exchanging travel experiences and listening to unique local stories.

In the last year our guests gave us 98% positive rating

"This is not a class. Its an original activity where you are motivated to cook and enjoy. Such good food, and prepared by ourselves! Thanks!."

Robert Morrison, England


"These culinary discoveries were on a special occasion : my bestfriend birthday. And we had a great celebration.! I will higly recommend this Activity!."

Melanie Kuhn


Check Availability!

Activity is Available from Monday to Saturday. Twice a day. First Group at 11 am. Second Group at 4 pm. We OPEN when somebody is registered. But it will be CONFIRMED after having at least 3 passengers. The group is CLOSED when there is no space. You can also ask for a PRIVATE group.

OPEN You can regi

Easy to locate us!

Central Location!

116 San Martin Av, Vallecito.

 54 - 213 975   959556443

Find us IN Casa de Avila Hotel
Four blocks from Plaza de Armas, following Sucre Street

Aceptamos Tarjetas de Credito:

Open from Monday to Saturday

Two groups per day: 11 am and 4 pm.