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Enjoy cooking with us in Arequipa

We invite you to participate in this two hours, "HANDS ON", fun, cooking activity in Arequipa, a city where cooking and eating are one of the most important activities in life!. Prepare your own Peruvian food, An authentic cultural souvenir to take back home and share with beloveds. A great family environment - Casa de Avila Hotel s central garden, where after cooking, you enjoy feasting and sharing. Ideal for couples, family, friends or anybody looking for sharing and having a great time. No experience is needed.

Groups open from Monday to Saturday. Two groups per day. First one starts at 10 am in the morning, and second one at 3 pm in the morning. Only 14 spaces available in each group.

Each day there is one of three menus available. You can check in our Calendar which is opened. All of them include: one beginner, a main dish and a dessert. Chicha morada and water are also included. .

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A Visit to the Market (extra tour) before cooking is a great experience!


And the Pisco Class is also a great additional after cooking!

Peruvian Cooking Experience

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